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     The USET strives to provide the best possible support for our elite athletes, and we believe that Chester County Farriers offers just that. Steve understands the USET and his key role in the process -- working with the athlete, the horses and the other professionals who lend support to the team.

Jim Wolf
United States Equestrian Team


     I believe that a horse's performance is directly related to soundness - no foot, no horse, as they say. And because I've been riding for some 20 years, I'm also sensitive to what feels right. So when I was looking for a farrier, Doug Hannum referred me to Chester County Farriers, because he knew that they really shoe in a natural way, based on the horse's conformation. They also believe in teamwork. They always respect my opinions and listen to my concerns and ideas. That openness and dialogue are essential to our good relationship - and are key to their quality service. Communication, teamwork, dedication and shoeing style are all what make Chester County Farriers the absolute best in the business.

Debbie Stephens
Centennial Farm



     Chester County Farrier Associates stands for dedication - at all hours. I once had a horse that went lame on the first day of a three-day [event]. Chris and Steve came to help me out - and sat up with my mare all through the night. Their attitude was "this is just what we do." Well, my horse kept getting more and more sound as the event went on. They turned what could have been a disaster into a really positive experience.

Sharon White


     Chester County Farrier Associates' farriers are the most dedicated and hardworking farriers I've worked with. They are truly interested in education and in promoting good shoeing - never stingy about sharing good advice. They don't get fancy. They stick to the basics and give a horse their all. Best of all, they're extremely professional - organized, reliable and open. That's a breath of fresh air!

Julie  Richards

Olympic Rider
Fox Hall Farm



     The farriers at Chester County Farrier Associates have always been extremely helpful to me. Their exceptional depth of knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of horses' movement allows them not only to do a beautiful job shoeing my horses, but also to correct any problems they may be experiencing. In addition, I appreciate their time and patience in explaining the exact nature of a problem, as well as the recommended remedy.

Abigail Lufkin
Olympic Rider

     I've used Chester County Farrier Associates for my own horses as well as those of my clients, because they are so service oriented. In addition to their cutting edge knowledge and shoeing ability, they share my academic interest in wellness. They enjoy discussions regarding lameness and corrective shoeing and are open minded and willing to discuss these issues with a veterinarian. They excel in communication.

Kevin Keane
Delaware Equine Center