"A craftmans eyes work twice as hard as his hands"

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Farrier Services in Unionville, Pennsylvania

Through comprehensive farrier services, Stephen Teichman Farrier in Unionville, Pennsylvania, partner in Chester County Farrier Associates is able to provide you with exclusive horseshoeing services, and help you solve your horse's gait and hoof issues. We provide horseshoeing services to clients at our full-time base in Wellington, Florida, and in Unionville Pennsylvania with extended service to  Maryland,  and New Jersey.

Our Equine Services:

• Custom Horseshoeing • High Speed Photography Gait Analysis • Infrared Photography Hoof Diagnosis
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We Are the Problem Solvers
Owner Stephen Teichman's creative problem solving skills and breadth of professional experience make him not only a master craftsman, but also an internationally sought-after consultant. His reputation is just one of the reasons why the United States Equestrian Federation uses the services of Stephen Teichman Farrier for over fiveteen years!

Experience Counts
With more than 37 years of hands-on horseshoeing experience in all facets of the farrier business, Stephen lends a unique perspective to chester County Farrier Associates.

In addition to his work as a Farrier partner, he counts among his clients the United States Equestrian Team. Most recently, Stephen traveled with the U.S. Equestrian Team to the Summer  Olympic Games in Beijing, China, as farrier for the three-day event, dressage, and show jumping teams.This year his travles take him to the United kingdom for the summer Olympics of 2012.


Revolutionizing the Farrier Business
Stephen's skills as a farrier have also led to an interest in custom engraving. Combining his love of art with his forging and metalworking skills, Stephen uses a creative approach when designing and fitting custom horseshoes. In fact, he even developed the patent for a sporting-horse style shoe that has been highly regarded as the foremost shoe of its type for nearly a decade.

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